Saturday, March 1

My grandfather

For the first time, I am starting a blog to memorialize my grandfather. He was the most important person in my life. After he passed away, I figured that this was something I could do to always remember him.

He was a computer engineer who specialized in PDP 11 at the military base in Nevada (I was told that he was involved in some project at Area 51 until I was 32). I rarely saw him when he was on active duty, but I always tried to see him when he was on vacation because he always had interesting stuffs to show and stories for us.

In 1979, when I was 7 years old, I remember him telling us he was being transferred to a military base near our home. Everyone was so happy because he was now so close to. If he wants, he can even come home for dinner everyday. A month after his transfer, my grandfather was involved in a train crash near his post. Only 6 men survived, and luckily my grandfather was one of them.

He spent the following year recovering at the military hospital. After the investigation of the accident, the government greatly compensated him monetarily, and he decided to retire. I think the accident completely changed his life. He became closer to the family, and that’s when we really started to build up our relationship.

When I was 7, he taught me how to use electronic devices. Instead of buying toy cars for me, he gave me his old radio and. During the weekends, we would start projects, like disassembling the items he’d given me. We would then reassemble them or create new machines from different parts. I remember on my 8th birthday, he bought me a brand new Super 8 camera as my birthday gift. It was extremely fun to play with and was advanced technology for the time.

With my grandfather around more, he was able to teach us many things, like screen printing and using a letterpress to make art. During the summer, he always got a lot of ice cream bars, and took us camping in the mountains. We would use his large telescope to count starts on those trips. I remember a story he would tell us about a space hero fighting with space monsters.

During other times, he would allow me use his computer to learn Mores code. My siblings and I actually planed a secret mission without my parents knowing by using Mores code. I was the first kid in my school to learn how to use a computer that enabled me to send a message to someone far away that I’d never met, much like the Internet.

It was truly my grandfather’s active role in my life that made my childhood incredible and completely different from anyone else that I knew. He opened my mind up to the possibilities of imagination and curiosity. I’m doing what I’m doing now because of him.

He died when I was 17 years old. I was so sad that I suppressed all my memory of him. Eventually, I have to use a psychic to help me bring back my memory of him, little by little. Even now, I still feel like my memory is not complete. I still need to find out more to finish the puzzle. So that’s why I started go through his old stuffs; to look carefully to find any and all the connections with him.

I will use this blog to memorialize every moment that we spent together, and complete every detail that I possibly lost. I will keep posting everything about him to show the world that he is the best grandfather in the world.

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