Wednesday, June 3

Old man's studio

This is my grandfather’s studio. There was a lot of stuff I didn’t understand and have never seen them before when we were kids. But if he got time, he will allow me to sit next to him to see the magic happen. When I was 10 years old, I stayed in his studio more often because he was teaching me how to use Morse code. It’s funny because we always used the code as the secret message to plan our secret mission behind my parents. My mom sometimes got angry just because she had not idea of what we are trying to do.

He also taught me how to use the Internet to talk to the people from different places. I remember my name on the Internet station was ET-42. It’s kind funny, I usually just ask people’s name and what are they doing, and I would just ignore them and started play computer games. I believe I was the first kid in my school to use the computer with the something similar to the Internet. And I think that’s why I am doing what I am doing now. He really changed my life and opened my eye to see the possibility of the world.

Monday, June 1

Ice cream time

This was the ice cream that we always had. I was too little to remember what it tastes, but my older sis told me it comes with 4 different flavors and colors. My grandfather always came home with this asa treat. he always said "Ice cream time."

Monday, May 25

My first super 8 camera

This picture was from my 8th birthday. Surprisingly, my grandfather bought me a super 8 camera as a gift. Even though I loved the toy truck that my mom gave me, the camera was just way beyond my imagination. How many kids at my age could have their own camera? It was amazing.

We started to go out more often and shot what ever we saw. Filming when we were fishing, walking on the train tracks and my sister climbing up and down the train, camping in the woods, and family gatherings. Everything looks better from the camera. (Of course, I was too young to worry about what I have to do after filming; my grandfather took care of it.)

I found some of the old film in his basement, and when I find a way to digitize them, I will upload them here.

This is photo was taken by my grandfather at the train track near my house, me and my younger sister always wanted to go just to see the old trains. We were always using the camera to play hide and seek. It was more fun than using our own eyes.

Friday, February 27

HIs packing box

I opened his another packing box, and these were what i found.

Saturday, January 24

The magic box

One day, my grandfather brought back a magic box called “Tannen’s Magic Mystery box”. He said it’s a 15 dollars magic box where you can put 25 dollars magic tricks. I totally forgot what was inside but by looking at the picture I found, they are definitely fun. I do remember I was enjoying the mask on my face; I even wanted to have it on while eating my dinner.

Monday, January 12

The good news from the hospital

During the time when he was in the hospital, our family was not allowed to visit him, which I think everyone knew why. I think it was because the failed mission from the train crash was top secret or something like that. I was so sad and worried about my grandfather that I couldn’t finish my dinners even though they are my favorite foods. So, he sent a postcard to me just to let me know he is fine and he is coming back soon. After that I was so happy because I know this time he is coming back forever. And I always want to eat more than I can just because I wanted to grow up faster.

Friday, January 9

The letter "He is coming back"

This is the letter he wrote before the train crash. I found it from my father’s house along with the postcards.

(When I was a child, I always wondered who that guy on the stamp was).