Friday, June 27

"Happy birthday captain!"

This is the birthday card that he made for me when I was 10. The background is the space man in his story that he always told us. I love that story, but I think he made that one up because seemed like I was the only one who knew this story in my childhood. The story is about a spaceman saving the world from space monsters. It was a long story that we actually spent 4 weekends to finish it. It was so good that we would want to stay over in his studio over night and keep begging him to tell us more. Every time he stopped, we all would draw out the scene of the story on that day and while we were drawing, he would give each of us an ice cream bar that looked just like captain cooper’s rocket. (At least that was what I thought)

I remember I would always lie to my younger sister, saying that my grandfather told me the rest of the story already. I would make up a brand new story line and ending, and she would get upset, and go off, crying and running to my grandfather. It was just fun to see her reaction.

It was amazingly fun. Sometimes I wish time could go back.

This is my older sister and I; we stayed in my grandfather’s basement just to see how he made art.

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